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I just want to thank you again for my new smile. As you remember, I wasn’t very happy with my old teeth. Upon seeing you for a consultation, you suggested porcelain veneers which could make a real difference in the way I looked. I trusted you and followed your suggestions. I am amazed at the natural outcome you created. Your focus on the details was impressive, your staff was incredible and the process was painless and efficient. I now have a smile I never could have imagined before I met you. My sincere thanks D.S.S.



" I was embarrassed to smile. I had a large gap between my front teeth which made me very self-conscious. I was uncomfortable when meeting people or making presentations which was a requirement of my career. I wanted to improve my appearance and put myself in your hands. Wow! After twenty- nine years I am learning how to smile again. - Peter



" For as long as I can remember I hated my smile. I would see large spaces when I looked in the mirror, along with uneven rows of teeth of an unattractive color. I was referred to Dr. Heifetz who listened carefully to all my concerns taking the time to understand what I was looking for; a natural smile. He corrected my flaws with veneers on my top teeth and in one week’s time I went from hating my smile to loving it. My only regret is not doing it sooner. - Danielle



" After many years of grinding my teeth while sleeping during the night I ended up with severely cracked and broken teeth. I was referred to Dr. Heifetz by my previous dentist. We decided to do crowns on eight of my upper teeth. Not only was I thrilled with the way they looked, but much to my amazement these crowns felt no different than my natural teeth. And…this was all accomplished without any pain throughout the entire treatment. I am extremely happy with the care and attention I have received in Dr. Heifetz’s office and highly recommend him and his wonderful staff. - Richard



" Post World War Ⅱ dentistry in England left my teeth in an awful state. My situation kept deteriorating even after I moved to the States but that all changed when I met Dr. Heifetz. My life changed. Truly! Broken crowns and bridges were replaced, damaged teeth were repaired gums were cared for, the old multi-colored teeth were laminated. Strangely enough all of it done without the pain I had come to associate with this work. The other interesting thing about the Doc is, he actually has a sense of humor. As if finding an excellent dentist isn’t hard enough, it’s a nice added bonus. We’ve still got to deal with a little more work on the lower half, but just look at the top half results so far! After all these years, I’m learning to smile again. - Roy